Governors Island: New York Harbor

Governors Island: New York Harbor

“The Hills” project includes landscaped forms up to 80 feet high to provide a public park with elevated and views and dramatic vistas of New York.

We provided geotechnical peer review of design for earth hills to be constructed on filled portions of Governors Island in New York Harbor.

Our peer review focused upon slope stability, ground improvement, load reduction and constructability.  The review involved developing an enhanced characterization of the subsurface conditions which included over 100 feet of stratified soils including fill, organic deposits, sands and glacial lake clays.

We recommended an advanced program of direct simple shear testing consistent with the SHANSEP approach to developing soil strengths of the clay for slope stability analysis.  In addition, we recommended modeling of the conditions and solutions with finite element analysis to enhance understanding of the soil-structure interaction and of natural and man-made materials in the embankments and subsurface.

Project Details

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